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Swedish - learn with pleasure!

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Most links here lead to pages in Russian - I'm working on it, so don't give up!
Come again later if you find it difficult to understand
where to find the things you need.

Everyone here in Russia seems to be trying to learn English, so my suggestion to learn Swedish might sound ridiculous. But I tell you Swedish is worth studying. It's one of the most beautiful languages in the world! Just turn to this language and you're sure to love it just as everyone who's been to Sweden even once loves this country and its people.

I'm going to help you in every way I can to learn Swedish. Most links to other sites I've found are for English speaking students.

Besides, I've posted here my own lessons for beginners, so step by step you'll get to know this wonderful language. They're made so that you don't need to know any language to understand them - pictures and other things will help.

Please don't forget about reading in Swedish - it helps understand the language which is not the same as understanding words. After reading three or four books in Swedish you'll find that you understand the things you never learned - words and phrases will pop up in your head when you need them.

And there's some Swedish music here for you to listen and sing along. Just go to any of the Swedish singers' page and you'll here a song, the same happens when you go to Astrid Lindgren's books pages.

Use the search engine below to find the things you need.

So, let's start!

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